IBM BPM for Improving Company’s Business Process

Process visibility for increasing efficiency, agility, and growth

IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) provides a platform for monitoring and optimizing workflow and productivity. Royal Cyber’s IBM BPM solutions focus on reinventing your operations and helping you to accelerate customer engagement.

Leveraging Royal Cyber Expertise

We help you to get started with BPM or transition from on-premise application to the cloud. Our services cover the following configurations of BPM:

BPM Advanced

Leverage a unified platform for analyzing and improving business operations. Our services shall cover taking care of process, case, and integration requirements.

BPM Standard

Manage multi-project programs to optimize work and productivity. Our engagement ensures that you benefit from a scalable and centralized process environment.

BPM Express

Take advantage of easy-to-use interface and features. We will provide a hassle-free implementation with full program functionality.

BPM on Cloud

Get started quickly without investing heavily on infrastructure. Our consultancy services help you to migrate process applications to the cloud.

The BPM Workflow

End-to-end process with all possible integrations in every phase of deploying and validating assets.


Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber is an IBM Premier Business Partner with more than 10 years of experience in IBM technologies.

At Royal Cyber, we leverage our unique methodology to:

  • Significantly cut down your time to market
  • Provide a wide range of focused business solutions and IT services
  • Deliver resource deployment at your site to supplement your in-house teams
  • Help you to save costs with competitive pricing and offshoring
  • Offer best-in-class IT services tailored to your business needs through our global presence and highly skilled workforce

Our BPM Solutions

Our expertise in implementing BPM rests on the following core pillars. These core pillars help in modeling, simulation and adjustment of core business processes to great effect and extend the design across the process lifecycle.


Business monitoring

We bring in continuous process optimization with real-time, end-to-end visibility across business processes and events.


Operational Decision Management

Clients can define, change, and test business rules and events with our assistance to streamline operational decision-making.


Process Automation & Integrity

Organizations can create uniform and repeatable mission-critical business processes with our assistance in system integration and task initiation.


Process Discovery & Design

Clients can capture key business factors, strategies, process initiatives with our discovery documentation and execution practice.

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