How to Automate Repetitive Tasks with MuleSoft RPA

Written by Afsa Ashraf

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The new robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities provided by MuleSoft RPA are specifically developed for each team, allowing for complete end-to-end business automation, making MuleSoft the only unified platform for integration, API management, and automation.

What is MuleSoft & How it Offers RPA to its Customers?

Businesses can connect data, applications, and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments with the aid of MuleSoft's integration platform. MuleSoft recently acquired a company called Servicetrace to bring RPA to its customers. It is committed to growing the new RPA capabilities as part of its unified platform, composable business vision, and a solution for Salesforce Customer 360.

RPA bots become another building block that can be securely composed and orchestrated across teams. MuleSoft further allows companies to drive collaborative innovation that spans integration, API management, and automation. We uniquely bring together best-in-class integration, API management, and RPA capabilities with hyper-scale resilience, universal governance, end-to-end security, and reuse-at-scale to make the composable business possible:

RPA, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, can handle a variety of complicated business operations that take a lot of time and demand a substantial bit of human work. RPA tools will aid in cost and production optimization, freeing up resources for business users to concentrate on difficult and valuable activities.

How to Create, Implement, and Scale Robotic Process Automation with MuleSoft RPA

In particular, RPA adoption has exploded because it empowers business users to automate business processes without needing specialized development skills. However, the shift to digital-first customer and employee experiences has created more data from more systems than ever. As a result, companies face the challenge of securely integrating, automating, and managing workflows across multiple silos of data and systems.

The combination of integration, API management, and automation is required for companies to scale and increase work speed — from streamlining sales operations to speeding up customer case resolution. And that’s why we’re thrilled to bring together Servicetrace’s leading RPA solution with our leading API and integration platform.

MuleSoft RPA replaces monotonous chores with bots that can act on behalf of users on old or modern systems, process documents intelligently, enter data, and more all without writing any code. The new features are also completely integrated to help with timesaving, productivity growth, and better experience delivery.

Utilizing Service Cloud connection, business teams like support agents may process claims more rapidly and sync client records to enhance customer service interactions.

MuleSoft RPA Highlights

  • RPA Manager lets you take control of every step of your automation process and eliminate silos.
  • Use RPA Recorder to instantly record and capture all of your business operations across desktop and web applications.
  • Analyze and track the effectiveness of automation, boost bot performance, and more with complete visibility into your ROI, process lifecycle, profit analysis, and bot use.
  • Utilize RPA Builder to quickly configure and debug bots, accelerating your automation build cycle.
  • RPA bots can be seamlessly integrated with Anypoint Platform, and Composer to achieve end-to-end automation.

Improve the Experiences of Both Clients and Employees

Businesses are concentrating on productive growth, cost-cutting, and efficient growth due to macroeconomic uncertainty in all markets. Since 2020, more than 90% have noticed an increase in corporate teams' demand for time-saving automation. A recent study found that the all-digital, remote work environment has increased the number of systems and volumes of data that businesses must link and manage, posing integration challenges for the advancement of automation.

MuleSoft Automation, which combines RPA, Composer, and Anypoint Platform in a singular way, enables business and IT teams to improve employee and customer experiences by:

MuleSoft unifies integration, APIs, and automation on a single, industry-leading platform. The composable business is further enabled by MuleSoft RPA, which transforms RPA bots into additional building pieces that can be safely assembled and coordinated across teams.


The only unified platform for integration, APIs, and automation is MuleSoft RPA, the new robotic process automation feature that enables total end-to-end business automation. The product is currently generally accessible as a part of the MuleSoft Automation portfolio. Royal Cyber has a wealth of experience resolving automation issues. We have the appropriate professionals and processes in place to support your company's digital transformation journey thanks to our extensive experience implementing MuleSoft and robotic process automation globally. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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