Infrastructure, Automation Configuration Management with Cooked Chef Recipes

Enable Enterprise Workflow Application – In Minutes

A single-click to provision new environments. The promise of unified communications has been challenging to achieve for most enterprises. Extensive deployment cycles, infrastructure locked in in silos and increasingly complex tools for diverse applications have virtually negated out the productivity benefits by straining IT departments and at the same time increasing the overall TCO.


To create IBM BPM & ODM environments, hand written shell scripts are used to install packages, configure WebSphere to create a multi-clustered environment, setup database connectivity, connect to LDAP, and deploy logging applications. The following are the challenges to configure infrastructure automation:

  • Complex application delivery
  • Overall environment of about 20 environments needs to be created with 2,3, or 4 servers per environment
  • Manage physical and virtual servers with custom scripts
  • Dozens of servers needed to be bootstrapped and configured
  • Improvements needed in Change Management to shorten the software development lifecycle

Our Automation Solution:

Fortunately, Royal Cyber can help address these challenges at the same time reducing operating costs, integrating multiple disparate applications throughout the organization. A newly designed automation solution based on Chef will easily spin up new BPM/ ODM/ CPLEX environments in a matter of hours instead of days.

  • A Chef based solution designed for creating new BPM, ODM and CPLEX environments

  • Recipes and cookbooks developed to automate all manual installation steps

  • Recipes and cookbooks developed to automate all manual configuration and customization steps

  • All source codes are stored in a centralized repository

  • Data bags are used to enhance reusability

  • User guides are created to streamline adoption


  • Complete Automation

  • Simple Process Modeling and Execution

  • Visibility And Control In Real-Time

  • Lifecycle Process Management

  • Adapt to the Developing Changes

  • Effortless Collaboration


Turn-around-time reduced to 4 hours for all provisioning requests
Fewer failures as a result of DevOps implementation
Time and cost savings in the course of maintenance
Improved visibility with resource planning for current and future projectsVisibility And Control In Real-Time

Solution Architecture:

Solution Artifacts:

Royal Cyber Helping You Solve In a Smarter Way

Automation configuration management can significantly improve the servers over time and Royal Cyber can help by providing a framework for automating the business processes and tracking the changes made to the system. For more information on Business Process Automation with Chef email us at [email protected] or visit

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