Empower Complete Business Automation with MuleSoft

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With new customer expectations and operating models to match, businesses are under immense pressure to optimize the costs while retaining the same quality and managing the competition in the market. The only way margins are optimized, and cost can be maintained with the same quality is when organizations can optimize the processes, remove non-value add processes and quality can be managed with a smaller number of resources.

This is only achievable when repetitive human-based processes can be automated using bots. The answer to such statements is, Strengthen your company with Automation Anywhere

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is a top-notch RPA and an intelligent automation solution that offers Robotic Process Automation. It provides speed and scalability to automate digital tasks in minutes using a virtual workforce. The Automation Anywhere Connector in MuleSoft's AnyPoint Platform enables simple access to RPA bots that can automate repetitive manual tasks, unstructured data, or retrieve data from legacy or other difficult-to-access systems without API management.

Intelligent automation solutions from Automation Anywhere are used in a variety of sectors, including banking and finance, healthcare, life science, manufacturing, public sector, telecom, and more.

How RPA Automates Business Processes

Robotic process automation (RPA) enables companies to use software bots to automate whole business processes. These digital workers, or bots, carry out manual and repetitive duties, resulting in greatly increased production, optimized business processes, and better customer service.

Robotic Process Automation combines, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and analytics right out of the box to assist businesses in starting and scaling their process automation journeys quickly. To enable the composable business, it offers customers to combine best-in-class integration, API management, and RPA capabilities with hyper scale resilience, global governance, end-to-end security, and reuse-at-scale.

Automation Anywhere has more than 1.7 million bots deployed to help some of the top businesses worldwide across all industries. Automation Anywhere has offices in more than 40 countries and a global network of 1,200 partners.

How Automation is Revolutionizing the Workplace

Automation brings a lot of clarity into the processes, provide optimization, cost cutting, maturity, and quick turnaround time. This means without automation no organization can survive so let’s have a quick look at what are the ways to automate.

  1. Savings and Achievement

Every company is always looking for ways to increase operational effectiveness and productivity. For those who automate their operational processes, operational costs will be optimized by 30% or more depending upon the value of non-removal processes. There used to be a misconception that automation would result in job losses. True automation, however, gives workers the freedom to complete their responsibilities more quickly and effectively, which lessens employee resentment toward tedious activities and, as a result, lowers turnover rates. In fact, organizations may be able to automate 60% of administrative and back-office work in the future.

Automation gives workers the power to decide which parts of their employment may be automated and which need human interaction, allowing them to concentrate on their primary duties. One of the main reasons why automation initiatives have failed is that the human component has been neglected. Employees must be reassured that automation is here to assist rather than to replace job duties; automation's main goal is to boost productivity and save wasteful time, not to displace people's roles in the workforce.

  1. Driving Results and Substantial ROI

Automation, which can drastically cut operational costs, has grown into a large industry unto itself and is predicted to reach a market value of $600 billion by 2022. However, automation is only a process that needs technology to be well orchestrated. The most widely used technology is robotic process automation (RPA), which 93 percent of corporate leaders anticipate will be in use by 2023.

The ability of RPA platforms to enable what Gartner refers to as "hyper-automation" may be the cause of their meteoric rise in popularity. The goal of this approach is to scale up automation initiatives across the entire organization and automate every procedure that can be done so. A staff member may develop a machine learning algorithm to automatically handle new client onboarding instead of using a manual, paper-based approach, for example, to effectively empower employees to automate procedures themselves.

Empower Complete Business Automation with MuleSoft


If the idea of automation seems novel, then know that it already exists and will soon affect every business. Nearly half of all RPA customers by 2024 will come from outside the IT sector. Businesses that don't always strive to enhance their operations will soon fall behind.

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