IBM Infosphere

Royal Cyber’s IBM strategic partnership for developing Big Data applications for the BigInsights platform enables small, medium and large enterprises to cost effectively manage and analyze the variety, volume and velocity of data that businesses and end-consumers generate every day. Royal Cyber has invested in solutions that accelerate the time to deliver business results on IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights platform.

Royal Cyber Services

  • Implementing the BigInsights clusters on machines
  • Configuring BigInsights for peak performance
  • Monitoring the clusters

  • Implementing high performance connectors for InfoSphere BigInsights and DWH
  • Database optimization
  • Implementing and designing systems that involve a mix of RDBMS and NoSQL solutions

  • Fabricating applications using the InfoSphere BigInsights platform
  • Building connectors for loading data on Distributed File Systems like IBM GPFS and HDFS

  • ETL, reporting, data analytics using IBM JAQL
  • Develop custom applications to fit in MapReduce model visible by BigInsights
  • Porting current applications on BigInsights to support large scale distributed analytics
  • Fine-tuning the existing MapReduce jobs to improvise performance

With a team of more than 200+ engineers working exclusively on IBM technologies and its expertise in IBM BigInsights, Royal Cyber is the ultimate partner for enterprises to implement their Big Data strategy.