Portal Analytics Solution

WebSphere Portal & Google Analytics Custom Integration

Real-Time Insights

Royal Cyber’s WebSphere Portal and Google Analytics custom integration is a perfect solution that gives the in-depth statistics about the users’ interaction on the portal site. The interactions could be any actions that users are performing on the site such as views, clicks, and downloads.

  • Events Flow
  • Real-time Session Monitoring
  • Capture User Behavior Flow
  • Customized Dashboard

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It is important to know which content on your portal is hot. In other words, which content has the maximum views.


Another crucial factor is to identify who is accessing the content. The user location, language, age etc.


Last but not the least is to know what time and day you get the most active users on your portal.

WebSphere Portal & Google Analytics
Integration Solution


Customized Dashboards
Customized real-time executive dashboards to look for the data you need.
WCM Content
Integration with Google analytics to track WCM content event.
Identify who is clicking on the portal banners to help you in determining users who are looking for that particular banner information.
It can provide information on the users who are interested in applications on the portal by showing their clicks on the application links.
Multiple Reports
You can easily export custom reports as PDF, Excel, CSV and Google Sheet.
Capture who is watching video on your portal to get know-how of the users demographics.
Documents Download
Documents download capturing from different modules of your portal e.g. Alerts, News, Suppliers etc.
Integration of eCommerce solution with Google analytics to capture product events such as Product clicks, Product detail view, Product add to cart, Product purchase etc.
Manage campaigns using Google analytics campaign tracking and see the reporting.
Traffic Source
See the session reports based on location and language

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