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Royal Cyber’s learning portal is a comprehensive WebSphere Portal custom solution for the organizations to manage employees training.

  • Assign Courses
  • Reports
  • SCORM/xAPI Compliant
  • My To-Do List
  • Much More

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Learning Portal Solution


Create Courses
Manage course creation e.g. Admin user of the organization can create courses in the Repository.
Assign Courses
Easy to assign courses e.g. Department Manager (Education Coordinator) can manage the assignment of courses to different employees.
My To-Do List
End User (Employee) of the organization can login to check his/her To-Do list.
User Management
Manage user accounts/login credentials with an easy to use interface.
Executive Dashboard
Granular view to drill-down from dashboards to find the data you need.
SCORM/xAPI Compliant
Conformance with experience API.
PENS Support
(Package Exchange Notification Services) is a specification which allows one-click publishing from an authoring tool to an LMS.
Training courses can be created and assigned seamlessly along with detailed reports.

Royal Cyber Learning Portal
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