Algo Credit Manager

Digitally Transform Credit Risk Management with IBM Algo Credit Manager

Improve Profitability,
Control & Credit Outcomes

IBM Algo Credit Manager provides a depth of insight for accurately assessing credit risk, along with decision support throughout the entire credit lifecycle. Algo Credit Manager is the credit risk platform of choice, managing all credit data in a single data store, managing customer hierarchies and own bank hierarchies, whether legal or reporting, with full limits management and exposure aggregation capability and added excess management and pre-deal capability.

Credit Lifecycle Benefits

End-to-End Credit Lifecycle Benefits & Decision Support

Need for Credit Manager

Reliance on manual processes to collate information from multiple source systems.
Paper based approval systems.
Data Accuracy and control challenges.
Significant administrative efforts in maintaining records throughout the approval process.
Data inconsistencies created by the need to enter data into multiple systems.
Geographic and operational diversity adding to complexity of centralized credit approval processes.
Frequent significant data gaps due to manual processes and diverse systems.
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Royal Cyber Capabilities

Comprehensive credit lifecycle support.
Flexible limits management.
Consistent credit approval data management enhances customer service and operational efficiency.
Highly reliable control environment helps protect against credit losses and supports growth.
Single source for daily global credit limit and exposure data for a counterparty, group or portfolio across the entire enterprise.

Value Proposition

A single solution delivering a single view of risk across organizations.
Cross-collaboration across business lines through automation of process.
Consistent process and policy conformance and related regulatory compliance.
Auditable, transparent data accuracy and integrity.
Operational efficiencies from flexible process management.
Reduced reliance on IT for change management.
Ease of regulatory change management.
Up-to-date scalable technical architecture.
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Business Outcomes

Enables more effective, end-to-end management of customer credit relationships.
Set and manage credit limits across the enterprise improving control.
Provides consistent credit approval data management, reducing risk and improving governance.
Optimizes long-term profitability and growth.