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IBM Websphere Commerce (WCS) is now
HCL Commerce

The New Features in HCL Commerce V9

Externalized Customizations

Externalized customizations isolates customizations & extensions from the platform which enables quick upgrades, removes expensive testing cycles that significantly discourage innovation.
Externalized customization gives greater control with managing and releasing custom extensions. It helps to create deployable packages faster for deploying custom changes.

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Docker Containers

Docker containers make it easy to create, deploy and run applications. With Docker containers, we can have more time innovating and less time maintaining the platform.
Docker containers provide Consistent development environments for the entire team. Developers use the same OS, same system libraries and same language.

Java Persistence API (JPA Architecture)

Java Persistence API (JPA Architecture) replaces EJB and is lighter weight than EJBs. Java Persistence API (JPA Architecture) has more skilled developers than EJBs and is much faster and easier to create code.
Java Persistence API is a group of methods and classes to persistently store the enormous amounts of data into a database. It allows easy interaction with database instance.


xC Architecture

xC Architecture facilitates segregation of business logic from integration logic, permitting businesses to easily apply HCL provided commerce system enhancements and updates while still maintaining all of the customizations that make each site unique. With xC Architecture, WebSphere Commerce can deliver innovation more quickly.

jQuery Aurora Store

The new Aurora storefront in HCL Commerce has been completely revised in jQuery, which is one of the most commonly used JavaScript libraries. Store pages now load only essential JavaScript and CSS files, improving store performance and page load time. In v9, jQuery has replaced Dojo. Dojo was heavy, debugging and was difficult for UI developers.


Externalized Customizations Programming Model

Externalized customizations programming model provides us with a simplified process for creating custom extensions with REST services for the Commerce Service, and for customizing the store, search index, and search runtime. With the externalized customizations programming model, we can create business logic extensions.

Endeca Search vs Solr Search

So which search is best for your B2C or B2B e-commerce site? Endeca Search or Solr Search? If the site’s goal for search is limited to informational outcomes, or there is a budget issue, Solr search maybe be the better option. If the need is to have an adaptable, powerful and scalable platform that can grow with the online business and budget is not a problem, Endeca search is a better choice.