IBM Guardium

Smarter Data Protection with
IBM Guardium

Achieve Visibility, Automation & Scalability

IBM Security Guardium is a far-reaching data security platform that provides an entire range of abilities. It helps secure sensitive data across a complete range of environments right from databases to big data, cloud, file systems and more. Guardium also offers automated analysis to promptly expose external and internal risks to sensitive data.

IBM Guardium

What are the

Common Security Challenges?

Complex environments

Multiple access paths

Firewalls, IDS/IPS cannot avoid traffic that appears to be valid

Most organizations have formal data security policies

No practical implementation mechanisms

No visibility into what is going on

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Comprehensive Guardium Consulting Services

Data Encryption
Guardium Managed Services
Guardium Activity Monitoring
Maximizing value of Data Privacy
Proactive Health Checks
Guardium Database Activity Monitoring
Capacity planning
Developing & maintaining best practices for Enterprise Data Security

IBM Security Guardium Advantages

Data Syndication
Analyze Sensitive Data
Discover and classify sensitive data – and uncover compliance risks – automatically
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Know who is accessing data, spot anomalies, and stop data loss with real-time data, application, and file activity monitoring
Rapidly analyze data usage patterns to uncover and remediate risks
Monitoring Sensitive Data
Control critical data through encryption, redaction, dynamic blocking and alerting
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Shield the business from financial risk with automated data compliance & extensive audit capabilities
Block elicit internal & external data and file access with real-time monitoring, including managing privileges and authenticating users to limit data access.
Seamlessly Adapt to Changes
Support traditional & disruptive technologies – such as Hadoop, NoSQL & Cloud
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Support your entire data protection journey – from compliance to end-to-end data protection with the same infrastructure and approach
Reduce costs and improve results using a single data protection infrastructure for your entire environment

Common Uses Cases

  • An insurance firm can now oversee the security for around 1,000 databases with only one full-time worker.
  • A huge utilities company can accomplish 55 percent ROI in under one year, guaranteeing SOX and PCI compliance for 4.5 million records.
  • A worldwide bank can screen more than 5,000 data’s, including big data transactions, continuously—without affecting the execution of critical applications.
  • A car maker can screen and review 500 production databases to expand security, while decreasing its security staff prerequisites by 90 percent.
IBM Guardium