Essentials of IBM Rational ClearQuest v7.0

Get an introduction on how to use IBM Rational ClearQuest to track defects and change requests. It covers the basic concepts involved in defect and change request tracking and how IBM Rational ClearQuest facilitates this process.

Below is the one day course outline of our trainings:

Course Name: Essentials of IBM Rational ClearQuest v7.0
Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Basic


This instructor-led, on-line, virtual classroom course is intended for the following audience:

  • project managers
  • developers
  • business analysts
  • release manager/engineers
  • testers (Quality assurance)
  • support engineers


To benefit from this course, you should have the following skills or experience:

  • Have a strong interest in learning about defect and change tracking

Skills taught:

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of using IBM Rational ClearQuest to manage change
  • Create a query
  • Modify a query
  • Perform triage on existing change records (query, report, and assign)
  • Submit a change record
  • Modify a change record
  • Resolve a change record
  • Close a change record
  • Run a report
  • Modify a report format
  • Open a chart
  • Modify a chart

Course outline:

This course covers the following topics:

  • Working with queries
  • Working with change records
  • Working with reports
  • Working with charts