Digital Business Automation

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Digital Business Automation

IBM Digital Business Automation is an integrated platform with a number of automation abilities to support business people drive primarily all types of automation projects

Digital business automation is transforming business with immense opportunities to modernize experiences, intensify the efficiency and unravel operational efficiencies in every department. The goal is to simply transform the way work is done and not just apply technologies.

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What Would you Like to Automate?


Automate human tasks


Share and manage enterprise content


Design and manage end-to-end workflows


Capture and extract data from content


Automate decisions with business rules

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Achieve Excellence with Digital Business Automation

  • Accelerate delivery of services to the business
  • Quickly respond to changes & adopt new technologies
  • Accelerate application development with Jobs-as-Code
  • Bridge the gap between development and operations to reduce rework
  • Embrace new technologies while maximizing infrastructure value

Key Areas Driving Digital Business Transformations

  • Workflow: IBM BPM + IBM Case Manager
  • Decisions: IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM)
  • Content: IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • Data capture: IBM Datacap
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Enable business users to manage workflows

Implement changes quickly for greater agility

Gain visibility across workflows

Increase efficiency and consistency

Meet governance and compliance requirements