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Working parallely with the data science team, our data visualization consulting services assist your decision makers to easily comprehend complex reports from anywhere while you watch you data flow intelligently and effortlessly


Data Visualization Benefits with Royal Cyber

  • Effective data visualization with accurate analytics
  • Customized data visualization services tailored to your needs
  • Multiplatform delivery with data visualization dashboards
  • Transforming spreadsheets into interactive visuals
  • Improved decision making and increased ROI
  • Ease of use and free of IT dependancy

Data Visualization Services Include

Data Visualization Use Case

Predictive Modeling Technology Optimizing Healthcare Marketing

Automation and semi-automation in predictive analytics were demanded with a high degree of reliability and validity to balance volume-to-value-based service delivery and marketing approaches to grow its business and engagement.


  • The company’s resources limited their predictive modeling output, not enough to support their growing base of healthcare providers.
  • The team spent weeks on model building & validation.
  • Their existing solution was not optimal to handle the complexity of the data needs.


  • The Data Robot platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowed for automation and semi-automation of the predictive analytic processes, and speeding model building.
  • The volume of models the company is creating has increased by 10 times, more valid and statistically reliable.
  • The quality of cross-sell, up-sell, retention, acquisition, re-acquisition have significantly increased, leading to optimum marketing efforts and an increase in ROI.

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