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Applications Performance Monitoring Solution

“Monitoring only your infrastructure is not good enough. You need to monitor your applications as well”

For companies that are increasingly incorporating e-business into their overall business success, IBM WebSphere provides powerful infrastructure software — a family of proven, secure and reliable software products for building a better and more dynamic e-business.

In these WebSphere-enabled environments, where users have increased access to applications, peak performance is especially important. Dips in performance reliability and quality can negatively impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, business productivity, and a business’ bottom-line.

Today’s IT infrastructure often includes multiple tiers of applications (e.g., web servers, databases, middleware applications, etc.) that work with one another to deliver services to the end-users.

To effectively manage such infrastructures, it is important to monitor each and every application tier. The complexity of IT architecture reduces efficiency and effectiveness, and makes managing composite applications a daunting task.

IT professionals spend an excessive amount of time and money installing and maintaining system management applications. Different Issues were faced to find the Issue

  • Is it the Web Server?
  • Is it the application server?
  • Is it the Response issue?
  • Is it Database / Network?
  • Is it the CPU, OS, the database?
  • Or some other combination?

A clever person solves a problem.

A wise person avoids it. — Einstein

ITCAM for Web sphere enhances WebSphere by proactively noting when performance is trending towards failure, enabling you to maintain peak performance, deliver a high level of service to your users and increase staff productivity

Our Comprehensive Applications Performance Monitoring Solution for Web sphere