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Apache Kafka is one of the top distributed streaming and queuing technology for large-scale applications. At Royal Cyber, we provide service for enterprises to expand on Big Data and IoT applications with Apache Kafka for real-time analysis and data streaming to help enterprises resolve the challenges of data integration.

Digital Transformation

Kafka Services


Kafka Consulting

Our Kafka consultants help organizations to build Big Data applications that analyze, and integrate high velocity data sources. From designing to building a brand new system and to tune your existing systems, we deal with a complete range of Apache Kafka consulting solutions.

Kafka Integration

We can solve data streaming, and processing encounters by processing data streams proficiently.

Kafka Implementation

Our Big Data consultants can integrate Kafka to back you up for your business use cases.

Kafka Key Features

Hadoop Scale

Apache Kafka cluster can be transparently and elastically expanded without idle time.

Always Reliable

Messages are stored on disk and replicated in the cluster to prevent any data loss.

Fast Ingest

Even the simplest hardware, Kafka can provision thousands of messages per second, with low latencies.


Capacity to handle thousands of diverse clients at the same time and writing to and reading from Kafka.

Support for High Concurrency & Multi-tenancy

Secures the Kafka cluster with Kerberos integration and protects data as it comes with the native over-the-wire encryption.
Transform Strategies into Real-Time Solutions Using Apache Kafka

Common Use Cases

Apache Kafka’s flexible feature facilitates end-to-end workloads for a range of critical use cases in a single system, which includes:

  • Messaging
  • Website Activity Tracking
  • Metrics
  • Log Aggregation
  • Stream Processing
  • Event Sourcing
  • External commit-log for a distributed system
Health Check Benefits

Real-World Implementation of Apache Kafka

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