Upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager
(AEM) 6.5

AEM 6.5 will support organizations build their customer experience journey and deliver the right content to users in a faster and smarter way. Adobe Experience Manager empowers organizations to modernize, optimize and deliver content. Using the new version of AEM 6.5, Adobe Experience Manager brings a multitude of new features and enhancements.

Content Velocity

Fluid Experiences

Experiences Intelligence

Cloud Agility

Adobe Experience Manager Sites

SPA Integration
Extension towards “Headless CMS”
Core Components
Content API
Translation Enhancements
Experience Fragment export to Adobe Target
Content Fragments DIFF View & Annotations

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Adobe Asset Link
Dynamic Media + Sensei
User Experience Enhancements

There are a lot more features added AEM 6.5 Assets. Some of these include:

Enhanced AEM Desktop App
Adobe Stock Integration
Dynamic Search Facets
Remote DAM for Sites Authoring
Brand Portal Enhancements for Asset Distribution and Asset Sourcing

Adobe Experience Manager Forms

AEM Forms will also include several key enhancements. Some of these would be:

Enhanced Adobe Sign Integration
Simplified workflow authoring.
Core Forms components to support Single Page Application (SPA) in AEM Sites
Support new use-cases with Interactive Communications using charts etc

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