Tivoli EndPoints Manager


Mobile Management Made Simple

Get unparalleled real-time visibility and control over your employee mobile devices. IBM Tivoli EndPoints Manager allows you to Manage and Secure Mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, and even specialty devices such as point-of-sale terminals in a completely integrated approach so your company can improve compliance.

Unified Platform

Through Tivoli Endpoints Manager you get to utilize a unified management communication to direct among different sectors such as IT, security, and connection type and server operations all at once without the hassle of managing them separately and helps lessen the hassle.

Safe and Secure

Tivoli Endpoints Manager gives you a safe and secure experience. Along with asset protection and security it gives you data backup and recovery and much more. It gives you the privacy and data confidentiality that you always need with our data and information.

Supported Platforms

Tivoli Endpoints Manager is supported by the following mobile platforms

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Nokia Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Microsoft Windows Phone

Mobile Management Options

Tivoli Endpoints Manager for Mobile Devices assists you to concentrate on the challenges of security and safety issues of your mobile while giving you the option to handle all devices used most frequently all at one platform providing a tension free and safe experience.

Location Services

Tivoli Enterprise Access Management helps to manage the locations of the devices of your employees or the devices that you are concerned with. You can track down the desired device of an employee or anyone associated with your company through Tivoli Endpoint Manager.

Enterprise Access Management

With the increasing demand to hold up an increasing number of customers and users there is a need to access these records throughout the company. Tivoli Enterprise Access Management helps to manage all these business related applications and reduces risks regarding security and safety.