Regular Expression Set - for RDz Application Analysis

Regular expressions (often abbreviated as Regex) have long been used by web and Java developers for simple and for sophisticated editing and parsing. They can simplify (almost automate, actually) many of the mundane and even complex software/application analysis search requirements. This is because several of RDz’s search mechanisms support Regular Expression use.

The problem is that, most COBOL programmers have not had formal Regular Expression training, so they are both un-knowledgeable about the value and use of Regular Expressions – or simply mystified as to what they do, and how they can be used in production work. Enter the Royal Cyber Regular expression set – which provides Regular Expression example code, description – and RDz contexts in which each can run.

With each purchase of the Regular Expression Set you will receive a Readme.doc file that provides instructions on how to utilize them in real-world analysis requirements.