RDz Technical Assistance On-Demand Service

Rational Developer product is an enormous product – deep and rich in functionality – value-packed with high-productivity features and (of course) completely different from TSO/ISPF. Which in fact, is precisely how much of the business and technical value from RDz is achieved. And which, of course brings with it a steep learning curve, particularly for veteran TSO/ISPF programmers.

Managing the transition from decades old green-screen tools and processes is a multi-stage operation. At Royal Cyber we specialize in this. Our RDz courses are built based on “best practices for ISPF programmer skills migration.” And we also offer custom workspaces with built-in Help Portals. However, most veteran TSO/ISPF programmers (and admit it – almost everyone) prefers asking questions and getting answers directly from a live technical specialist. That’s why we created the “RDz Hotine”.

When you enroll in this program you will be able to call and/or screen share your RDz image and “how to” and “why is this?” questions with a qualified RDz technician – on demand via phone and email.