RDz Extensible Eclipse-based Help Portal

RDz’s InfoCenter-hosted help is excellent for “what-is-this” types of questions, terms and definitions etc. But it falls short when it comes to “how-to” help questions – and especially help that is based on your shop’s specific (custom) development requirements, tools and processes.

Enter the Royal Cyber Extensible Eclipse-based Help Portal for RDz. This offering is based on Eclipse-folder sets, and comes installed with a large number of files that contain Best Practices, How-to steps and directions for most of the common RDz development and admin tasks, links to a substantial body technical learning from Royal Cyber documentation as well as internet-based content. The entire system is completely customizable to your requirements. It requires no programming is easy to support and maintain.

With each purchase of the RDz Extensible Eclipse-based Help Portal you will receive a Readme.doc file that provides instructions on how to install and utilize the system into your existing RDz workspaces, as well as a set of admin tutorials for rolling out and maintaining the content from a central server.