Rational Development & Test Environment for System z ( RD&T )

Create a personal z/OS development and unit test environment on each developers desktop or a shared server with RD&T. Royal Cyber will ensure your success with RD&T through four weeks of our services including set up, configuration, and mentoring.

How will RD&T help me?

  • Are you interested in testing your application changes on your PC/off-mainframe? Are you being asked to use fewer MIPS for development?
    RD&T provides an x86-based environment where you can test z/OS applications on a desktop or server machine with 0 consumption of MIPS
  • Are your development systems overloaded?
    “My development system is so slow! It takes over an hour to compile!” “There are not enough resources available for development…”
    RD&T provides a low cost mechanism to create additional development capacity without mainframe HW upgrades.
  • Do you have difficulty testing application changes? Is it too difficult or does it take too much time to make changes to your test environment?
    Are there too many requests for unique test environments than your ops team can fulfill (catastrophic event testing, system failure, impact analysis, etc)?
    RD&T provides a separate test environment under the development team’s control allowing quick environment changes to be performed by development. RD&T environments can be assigned to teams for unique test environments allowing more robust testing

Want to see how RD&T can fit into your environment? Try our 4-week jumpstart package!

Royal Cyber is providing a 4-week jumpstart package where you can evaluate the product to determine how it fits into your environment. We provide the following services with the jumpstart package:

  • An RD&T license with the USB hardware token
  • Complete installation and basic configuration of RD&T on a Linux laptop/server
  • Configuration of z/OS running on RD&T (RACF, TCP/IP)
  • Configuration of middleware on RD&T (CICS, DB2, IMS, RDz, WAS, MQ)
  • Sample data migration from host (mainframe) to RD&T (migration of volumes from host)
  • Integration with the host environment
  • Training of your system admins on the usage, configuration, and maintenance of RD&T
  • Developer training
  • Documentation

RD&T Features:

  • Develop and test z/OS applications on a desktop machine
  • Lower testing costs over traditional mainframe environments
  • Facilitate quick changes to test configurations during development
  • Easy access to z/OS
  • Free up production MIPS
  • Portable z/OS development


Week 1

    • Requirement gathering & Analysis Installation of RD&T
    • OOTB feature configuration

Week 2 & 3

    • Customized Configuration as per Client Environment
    • Complete Integration with existing Environment
    • Testing

Week 4

  • Training & Mentoring along with documentation on the entire set of activities.

How We can help

  • Complete planning of the rollout process for your site
  • Cost effective delivery according to the rollout plan
  • Complete on-site or remote training to to get your systems admins and developers started
  • Customized training and learning material tailored according to your environment
  • Complete migration of test data, programs, and utilities from the host to RD&T
  • Integration with your SCM
  • Development of a synchronization system that ensures that your RD&T always mimics the environment on the host
  • 24/7 online and phone support through our RD&T
  • Center of Excellence (Support Desk) Lower development, maintenance, and testing costs

But wait, there’s more!

We offer other comprehensive RD&T packages which include:

  • Complete rollout planning
  • Detailed, site-specific/customized training to systems admins and developers
  • Migration of data from host to RD&T
  • Complete integration of your host environment with RD&T (data and programs concurrency)
  • Complete SCM integration
  • Integration of 3rd party and home baked utilities with RD&T
  • Complete integration of RDz and RTC with RD&T
  • 24/7 support. Yes, 24/7!