Property Group Composer

Creation and (especially) the maintenance of RDz Property Groups is critical for the successful rollout and continued use of RDz. Property Group Composer automates the task of creating and maintaining RDz property groups, reducing the chance of missed fields, misspelled library names, improperly configured SYSLIB concatenation – increasing the product ease-of-use and accelerating the success of your RDz rollout. Property Group Composer is available:

  • Standalone – contact us for pricing
  • As a no-cost value-add when you engage with Royal Cyber for RDz services:
    • Training
    • Custom courseware development
    • Rollout consulting
    • Custom RDz ßà z/OS Integration
    • Comes with usage manual and installation assistance
    • Works with RDz versions: 8.03, 8.5.0, 8.5.1.x and 9.x

Property Group Composer comes with ½ day of consulting/training on the product along with user documentation and one year of technical support. To avail this offering please fill the form below, and our representative will get into touch with you.