Micro Focus to IBM COBOL Conversion Facility

The Micro Focus COBOL Conversion tool allows customers to convert Micro Focus COBOL source and copybooks to IBM compatible versions. The Conversion tool aids customers who are looking to switch to IBM COBOL compiler and to reduce Total Cost of Ownership. The tool can significantly reduce errors and thus project risk and it also shortens any POC and/or migration efforts.

Through configuration, customers can choose what to convert. Since the tool consistently converts Micro Focus COBOL code run time errors are minimized. Royal Cyber is working closely with IBM to refine and enhance the tool. The Conversion tool can greatly simplify POC and/or migration efforts.

The tool successfully converted several PeopleSoft programs. A leading third-party service provider who serves large number of PeopleSoft customers is currently using a customized version of the tool to convert and deploy Micro Focus COBOL PeopleSoft programs.

With this offering you will get expert consulting on the deployment and use of the tool, as well as a copy of the Micro Focus COBOL to IBM Conversion facility along with training, documentation and technical support.

List of Solution functions

  • Scan directories to identify programs that need to be converted.
  • Analyze and identify missing dependencies.
  • Convert programs and copybooks to IBM compatible equivalents.
  • Conversion customizable through configuration file.
  • Generate compilation script to compile converted programs.