Host Access Transformation Services (HATS)

Royal Cyber helps transform 3270 and 5250 green screen applications into modern web-based portlet, rich client or mobile interface using IBM HATS without changing existing source codes.

Royal Cyber offers complete solution of IBM HATS from deployment and development of default and customized interfaces to providing clients with complete consultancy, training and support. Our Royal Cybers provide quicker and easier way to replace traditional terminal displays with a simpler, modern interface by helping you with migration, installation and configuration using IBM HATS API, JSR 286 portlets, IBM Web Content management and much more.

Our experts can customize applications to a specific set of end users by hiding unnecessary information, organize data into tables, reorganize and modify text and provide navigation buttons to reduce data entry errors.

By building industry-standard Web services from mainframe transactions and data, you have secure, scalable applications that can be reused and integrated with new J2EE or .Net Web applications. IBM Rational HATS Version 8 offers additional features such as support for Dojo Widgets, RESTful web services, JSR 286 portlets, iPad support and latest runtimes and IBM Rational integrated development environments (IDEs).

HATS 8.0

WEB 2.0 ADDITIONS, including new templates, support for RESTful services, and Dojo widgets, which improve application developer and user productivity, enhance application capabilities, and enable reuse

PORTLET STANDARD ENHANCEMENTS, including single sign-on support for JSR 286 portlets and automatic refresh and disconnect for HATS portlets. These enhancements promote use of best practices in portlet design and improve user productivity

APPLE IPAD SUPPORT extends the reach of your HATS applications to new users and new mobile environments

EASE OF USE IMPROVEMENTS to increase application developer productivity, such as screen capture support for VT connections and simplified specification for rich client type-ahead support

ARABIC TRANSLATION AND UI MIRRORING, plus other enhancements to bidirectional language support

HATS gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily create Web, Mobile, Portal or Rich Client applications that provide an easy-to-use GUI for your green-screen.

  • Automatic transformation
  • Low skills requirement
  • Rules-based
  • Highly customizable
  • Iterative development process

Extends terminal application tasks as Web Services (SOA)

How you’ll benefit

  • Quickly and easily transform green screen applications to web services, web, mobile, portal and rich client interfaces
  • Low cost and low risk No need to rewrite or refactor existing applications and built on open, proven platforms and technologies
  • Increase productivity and reduce training costs and data entry errors with workflow and navigation improvements
  • Integrate host business processes and data with other web, portal, mobile and rich client applications