Automate, Optimize, and Govern repeatable business decisions with IBM Operational Decision Management

IBM Operational Decision Management allows organizations to combine business rules and events to govern complex decisions in a scalable and systematic way to avoid inconsistent decision making so you can be sure that in any context the correct decision is being made.

Operational Decision Management is built upon the power of Business Rules system The ILOG Rules System that allows organizations to execute, define and scale rules at a level that is unprecedented in the industry. It also provides the most powerful Event Processing capabilities intelligence triggers allowing organizations to make smarter decisions.

How you'll benefit:

  • The power to adapt operational systems with speed and agility to changing business conditions
  • The power to align business and IT teams around operational decisions
  • The power to act through real time decision automation

Royal Cyber Services

Installation & Deployment

Royal Cyber Certified IBM Consultants have extensive experience in installation of IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) and will provide you with complete project plan (Implementation, testing, configuration and after support) with better management of the implementation for quicker realization of ROI.


Royal Cyber provides complete integration solutions of IBM Operational Decision Management with SPSS Predictive Analytics Suite, ILOG JRules Integration for WebSphere Business Monitor, WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere ILOG RTS-RuleXpress Bridge.

Consultancy & Technical Support

Royal Cyber is dedicated to backing your implementation with unparalleled support and service. Our Support Services Team provides telephone, fax, and web-based technical support, dedicated to provide advice and assistance.

Organizations make several types of decisions in their day to day operations, however not all these decisions are appropriate for Decision Management. It is important to understand the features of suitable decisions in order to simplify critical decision making processes. Royal Cyber along with IBM’s Operational Decision Management provides the power to cleverly automate a range of decisions across business applications and processes.

Operational decisions occur repeatedly, which is the most important characteristic of any business. For instance, the eligibility criteria for an insurance benefit is not the same, it varies from person to person. If the decision does not repeat, it is not worth to automate it within Decision Management.

Decision Management features:

Produce contextually aware decisions for better business actions

Get your Decision Management Solutions right away. Begin a new life which offers the most reliable option. It is going to start with you now. Contact Royal Cyber and broaden your scope of successful deployment.

The IBM® Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) provide safe, easy and predictable control over automated business decisions with various tools for business managers, analysts and architects that add flexibility.

WebSphere Process Server’s built-in capability allows developers to create rules that become reusable service components, greatly improving policy change management and automated decision making.

How you’ll benefit

  • Increase flexibility by revitalizing existing application portfolios,
  • Boost productivity and accelerate time-to-market by externalizing business decisions from application code
  • Maximize business agility by bridging organizational silos
  • Increase system utilization by leveraging mainframe capabilities