Enterprise Generation Language (EGL)

Modernize your legacy systems into Rich UI applications using EGL. This latest modernizing tool can reduce maintenance cost with niche features that maintains business logic in the customer specific code (iSeries modernization or zSeries modernization).

Royal Cyber helps customers protect their investment in applications running on i5/OS, enabling green screens with updated web and user interfaces, and provide continuing support to help customers avoid mixing business logic with the user interface.

  • Fully Abstracted, Web 2.0 & WS-SOA Compliant Business Oriented Programming Language.
  • Rapid Development of Rich Interface Application with Mashups (Google Maps etc.).
  • Calling Support for RPG/COBOL Business Logic, CICS, IMS, DB2 and Web services.
  • Automatic Compilation of EGL Code into Java, COBOL, or JavaScript Code.
  • Migration Path for CSP, Visual Age Generator and Informix 4GL.

Salient features of EGL

  • Use for Rich UI application without writing complex Ajax, J2EE or JavaScript
  • Call remote CICS, IBM I, RPG or IMS Programs
  • Can reuse the existing System i and System z business logic
  • Easily integrated with powerful Web 2.0 application
  • Convert RPG and COBOL apps to EGL and to GUI
  • Understands complex data structures
  • Support for report applications (TUI, Jasper, and BIRT report support)
  • Leverage existing investments in RPG to quickly produce modern, professional web or SOA applications using current business logic and with minimal time to market
  • Extend existing RPG or COBOL applications to the web or to an SOA-based environment
  • Get web development support with the Web Design tools and Java Server Faces (JSF)