Build a Secured Application Delivery at the Speed of DevOps

Speed without Compromising on Security

Businesses and development teams are rushing to embrace DevOps to be more agile and deploy code more quickly. With the right planning, Royal Cyber can help your company go from DevOps to DevSecOps, enabling security teams to influence and improve applications’ security within current CI/CD pipelines.

DevSecOps Process

Royal Cyber Portfolio of DevSecOps Services

True Security Integration with DevSecOps

  • Agile development incorporating security right from the ideation phase
  • Quick and high-quality releases
  • Automation of security checks for vulnerabilities throughout the development pipeline
  • Huge cost savings using our Frugal Innovation methodology
  • At par with the latest technological advancements like containers and microservices

Why Royal Cyber?

  • Our expertise comes from our team’s background with top service providers, we deliver with the same consistency and approach, without the overheads of bigger industry players
  • Our service methodology is in collaboration with well-known thought leaders
  • Our unique and strong Ecosystem provides you with peer guidance to get it right the first time
  • Our global presence gives you a local touchpoint at every stage of the engagement

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