Chaos Engineering for eCommerce

Increase Your Website Reliability with Chaos Engineering

Customer experience is a key differentiator for retailers, and enhancing this experience comes through reliability and speed. An eCommerce website is one of the customers’ first applications to associate with your brand. So let us create a more reliable and robust platform for you. Royal Cyber team of experts can implement Chaos Engineering to your eCommerce business.

Chaos Engineering for eCommerce: Delivering best Customer Experience | Chaos Engineering Services

Benefits of Chaos Engineering for eCommerce

Support Maintenance

Protect Your Band

  • Identify failures proactively and reduce the likelihood of outages and service disruptions that create public-facing downtime
  • Prepare for traffic spikes during sales & events to prevent revenue loss
  • Be more reliable than competitors by being prepared for small incidents to full region evacuations
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Deliver on-time & On-Budget Migrations

  • Identify issues during cloud migrations before they cause a production outage or engineering re-work
  • Ensure monitoring and alerting systems are tuned to detect issues with transaction flows
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Prepare For Disaster

  • Test for disaster recovery without disrupting development cycles
  • Conduct health checks and timeouts by testing under different load and failure conditions
Managed Support Services

Train the Next Generation of Engineers

  • Give your team of engineers the confidence in deployments
  • Provide them with the resources to experiment and learn

The Royal Cyber Approach to Conducting Chaos Experiments

Determine the Impact of Outages:

Test whether the software engine can automatically deploy a replica and route traffic

Exhaust Resources

Test whether exhausting computing resources caused by an excessive use of increased load, poor optimization and memory leaks prevent new deployments

Measure the Impact of Latency:

Test whether increasing the latency of network will cause poor performance and request timeouts

Ensuring High Availability (HA):

Test whether the cluster will continue to run as normal if the node of a cluster is down

Testing Storage Volume Limits:

Test how nodes with defined storage limits react when the set limits are exceeded

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