Custom COBOL Code Review Plug-ins

At release 8.0.3 IBM GA’d a function off of the RDz Context Menu named: “Software Analyzer” – which performs COBOL program standards checking for application performance and code maintainability. There are approximately 60 out-of-the-box COBOL rules and while that’s a good start, most Enterprises have their own evaluation Rulesets – typically exceeding the number of rules shipped by IBM.

However, IBM provides an API for extending the code review rules. This API is complex and requires a high-degree of both Java/Eclipse plug-in development skills, coupled with deep COBOL / zOS knowledge to build out additional functionality. At Royal Cyber we happen to have several individuals with both of those skillsets – and? We’ve created a starting set of custom COBOL code review rules – primarily COBOL and SQL performance scans – that we offer as plug-ins. We offer these plug-ins standalone, and as part of a (recommended) blended Services engagement, where we teach you how to build your own custom plug-ins in an efficient and effective manner.

With each purchase of our COBOL Code Review Rules you will receive a Readme.doc file that provides instructions on how to unzip/import/and share. Note that this requires an installation process – as Eclipse plug-ins are an installable feature of all products.