Solr Search

Is your domain knowledge helping your clients? Get the most from your Solr Search. When you need an expert view on Solr queries we do provide consulting options. We can help you design a tailor made plan for your application data, direct you on the best Solr features to use and also to accomplish your specific goals by optimizing your query performance and behavior.

Why Solr Search?


Solr is a new dimension in enterprise search, a platform which is driving the navigation and search part of many of the large websites. This Apache Lucene based platform is equipped with powerful search features such as faceted search, geospatial search, dynamic clustering, full-text search, database integration, hit highlighting, and document handling such as MS Excel, Word etc.

Like other open source platforms, Solr also offers exceptional benefits to the user as well as the site owner. Encompassed with a CMS with no limits, it can be easily integrated with many large and complex CMS such as Escenic, Sitevision, EPiServer, Sitecore, Liferay and SharePoint, which makes it compatible and flexible to be used as both for a public website or for a local website.

Technical Features:


Even though it’s a complex system to understand, it’s quite user friendly.

User Friendly Features


If you are entering into a Solr implementation and would like to leverage Solr experts from the outset and all the way through the project, or you have a current Solr solution and want to confirm it is following best practices for configuration, optimization and effectiveness, Royal Cyber offers Solr advisory and consulting services that are designed to exceed your expectations. Remember the smile on the face when a person finds what he has been looking for! Royal Cyber’s best practice support service is ideal for customers who want to implement Solr on their own. We can help you scale for current and approaching search volume.