Applications Migration Assessments Services

Assess New Tools to Make the Most of Your New Environment

Are you planning to migrate large fleets of legacy applications to the cloud?
Migrating applications to the cloud are always with risk. While businesses expect enhanced flexibility, cost, and control. However, they don’t anticipate the application performance problems that can arise due to significant infrastructure changes.

Royal Cyber Migration experts have developed a well-thought-out framework for moving applications to the cloud successfully.

Service Offerings

  • Planning with fact-based decisions to minimize business disruptions
  • Mitigate risks by providing critical information for planning activities
  • Identify application dependencies centered on live traffic data for precise information
  • Determine the migration risk along with recommendations
  • Use predictive analysis of post-migration performance for key transactions to ensure SLAs are maintained
  • Providing a pre-migration performance baseline to compare the post-migration performance for identifying the problem areas and providing a resolution

Associated Benefits

  • Improved customer intimacy and reach
  • Reduced costs and time to market
  • Better business agility
  • Increased speed, flexibility, and scalability
  • Better IT Infrastructure against legacy application platforms
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