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Efficient monitoring of business transactions and resources is a key to smooth, error free and faster business process. Royal Cyber provides three different flavours of Monitor Pro catering specific business requirements.

Monitor Pro (for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator)

Monitor Pro

Real-Time Monitoring with Actionable Insight

Make your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator more intelligent, informing and value added.

Royal Cyber’s Monitor Pro provides a comprehensive and value added framework built upon IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. It deploys within the Sterling B2B Integrator environment and utilizes the same security layer. It leverages the strength of Sterling Integrator and augment its features in a very business centric manner.

Features & Highlights:

Out of the Box Support

  • For Retail & Banking
  • Standard protocols AS1 /AS2IAS3/FTP/SFTP/ MQ/Web-Services

Actionable Insight

  • Customizable business specific Dashboard
  • Easy transaction search
  • Drill down to rectify the issue
  • File Transfer Analysis
  • Variety of graphs and charts
  • Customizable reports

Productivity & Value

  • Faster and easier on-boarding of customers and/or vendors
  • Transforms file based transactions into correlated business view.
  • Ability to correct and resubmit failed transactions

Monitor Pro (for IBM Integration Bus formerly IBM Message Broker)

  • Are you missing out on lost business transactions?
  • Is your support team struggling with Message Broker challenges?
  • Does it require long sessions to rectify and isolate transactional issues?
  • Are the built-in tools hard to follow & doesn’t talk in business terminologies?
  • No alerts & notifications while something goes wrong during business transactions?
  • All these resulting in complications with partners and lost revenue?

Don’t worry – make a smart move

Get Royal Cyber’s Monitor Pro for IBM Message Broker for Real-Time Monitoring with Actionable Insight

Monitor Pro Addresses all these challenges in a business centric manner.

No need to change anything in your existing broker application. You can:

  • Identify and isolate application issues and status
  • Determine the specific causes of a problem in your application
  • Fix and re-process transactions in real-time
  • Develop more precise management reports
  • Analyze and identify level of Errors to classify & prioritize
  • Minimizes the effort to diagnose issues by avoiding time consuming searches.
  • Respond to new business changes quickly

Monitor Pro Eco System provides you

  • Browser based interface
  • Business specific Dashboards
  • Highlighted critical errors for immediate attention
  • Customizable look & feel as per your corporate theme
  • Support for all mobile devices, tablets & desktop PCs
  • Variety of graphs & charts
  • Rich and interactive user experience

Don’t wait and ask for more info and live demo

Monitor Pro (for Resource Monitoring)

Message Queue (MQ) Monitoring

  • Monitor Message Queues and Queue Managers
  • Visibility into Queue depth and channels
  • Ability to start/stop Queues & Queue Managers
  • Set threshold values for number of messages in a queue for prompt alerts
  • Variety of pre-fabricated widgets available off the shelf

Process Monitoring

  • Ability to monitor any process running on any server or operating system
  • Agent based architecture
  • Monitor process health, current status (running or not running)
  • Start/stop any process
  • Threshold values & Alerts

Server Monitoring

  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • External storage monitoring
  • Monitor individual files and directories
  • Threshold values & Alerts