Digital Transformation

In a world that is more and more dependent on digital, Technology’s role is more crucial than ever. To meet the rising demands, organizations are fast-tracking their digital transformation. This whitepaper identifies the top technology trends that IT leaders, and organizations must face in their digital transformation journey in 2021.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How IT teams are fine-tuning to bring more connected customer experiences.
  • How IT leaders are staying on top of these trends and empowering innovation.
  • Recommendations to use these trends to fuel digital transformation in your organization.

Enterprises are under intense pressure to create connected experiences and stay competitive. According to the Salesforce MuleSoft benchmark report, IT projects are expected to grow, and many businesses are now holding their IT teams responsible for delivering connected customer experiences.

In the new year, organizations will start to rethink their IT operating models to adapt quickly to market demands and face a digital-first era. Businesses will need to fit into models that help them become more agile — with API-led connectivity, digital capabilities can be created from existing assets, instead of building it from scratch.

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