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Traditionally, Electronic data interchange (EDI) technology has helped businesses automate and electronically communicate information for half a century. Some of the most common EDI standards include X12, EDIFACT, and others widely used by many companies to conduct their business.

Many new-age companies have tried to digitize this technology and make it less cumbersome with the sole aim of providing an excellent user experience.

One of them being MuleSoft (now Salesforce), with their iPaaS offering the “Anypoint Platform.” In this whitepaper, we have provided a detailed solution to overcome the challenges in in MuleSoft’s EDI Implementation.

Suppose you are looking to start your journey in B2B/EDI space or having issues with existing implementations for setting up AS2, distributed load balancers, mutual TLS authentication setup, X12 schema customization. In that case, you can safely rely on Royal Cyber services.

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