Multi Cloud App Deployment with GCP Anthos

Multi-Cloud strategy refers to an enterprise relying on more than one cloud service provider and their service. To optimize cloud infrastructure capabilities and costs, businesses often embrace a multi-cloud strategy which can involve a superset of multiple cloud platforms, hybrid cloud solutions, on-prem, and edge platforms. Google Cloud Platform is the first public cloud service provider that has developed the means to manage workloads across platforms. With Anthos, businesses are empowered to build a cloud strategy that meets their needs rather than being forced into vendor lock-in.

In this whitepaper, our writer breaks down the steps to deploy a multi-cloud application with the help of GCP Anthos. There will be a special focus on how developers can integrate the capabilities of AWS and GCP with the help of Anthos. We discuss various steps in detail including- What is Anthos multi-cluster? How to connect AWS and Anthos with the Google Cloud Console? Among other questions.

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