Integration Platform

Today’s shoppers want more than a transactional relationship with retailers; they need a personalized and seamless journey that shows the context of how they shop across devices and channels. The key to success lies in connecting online systems with in-store software so retailers can provide an uninterrupted experience wherever customers shop.

Our goal in this whitepaper is to provide retailers with a new strategy and roadmap to build and implement a retail application network that strengthens customer relationships and ultimately drives revenue.

Key Challenges

  • It is difficult to predict what technologies will affect retail.
  • Fast pace of change defeats slow institutional processes.
  • New connected devices add additional complexity to purchasing and supply patterns.


  • Identify the core strengths in your relationship with your customers.
  • Think about your connectivity strategy – how easily can you add and change APIs?
  • Consider exposing your data as an API to third parties.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the finest solution that lets enterprises deliver on their digital transformation by realizing API-led connectivity. Anypoint Platform is the only solution that supports end-to-end connectivity across API, service orchestration, and application integration need through a single unified platform.

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