migrating-from-oracle-atg-to-hcl-commerce-v2 white paper

Today, the ability to respond to change and offer better customer experiences is no longer optional for digital retailers. In the digital world, consumers have more choices than ever before – from where and when they can shop, the context of the experience – site, mobile, social media, products, and the channels used to engage and communicate. This compels businesses to deploy flexible commerce platforms to conquer markets and leverage their impact. However, some organizations still use outdated eCommerce platforms and fail to evolve both online and offline. Migrating to a more agile and innovative eCommerce solution with a flexible architecture is the only option.

In this lightning-fast eCommerce industry, the longer you wait to migrate your old commerce solution, the more likely it is that your customers will seek out competitors with modern cloud architectures and headless storefronts — offering them bespoke experiences for a faster shopping experience. This prompts the dire need to keep up and don’t let antiquated infrastructure ruin your business.

In this whitepaper, we’ll talk about two eCommerce solutions – Oracle Commerce Suite and HCL Commerce. Oracle ATG was designed to be an open-source commerce solution; however, it has fallen behind the technology curve. It’s time to move away from it and design and experience next-generation digital services. HCL Commerce, an industry leader, is popular for its cloud-native architecture and advanced capabilities to build similar solutions with maximum capabilities.

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