Every business strives to deliver a seamless order experience to its customers. When customers click “Buy Now” button, the journey starts. Businesses must look after everything once the sale is made, i.e., confirming order details, sending shipping and delivery notifications, conveying delays, and getting order feedback. Here’s when need for an OMS arises. An efficient order management system aims to deliver a sophisticated eCommerce experience – from shopping to shipping.

An Order Management System traces the entire process from product sale to product delivery, ensuring the brand fulfills buyers’ expectations.

The way your products are delivered to  doorsteps of your buyers determines what customers think about your brand. A good experience nurtures their relationship with your brand, while a horrible experience tarnishes your brand name. 

The whitepaper introduces Salesforce Order Management, a customer-centric order management, and how it helps businesses to deliver an exceptional omnichannel experience. 

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