Service Mesh Transforms API Management

In today’s digital landscape, the complexity of modern applications has reached unprecedented levels. Applications are now composed of numerous microservices, running on different platforms and technologies, and often distributed across multiple environments such as on-premises, cloud, and hybrid setups. This distributed nature introduces new challenges in managing and securing these applications, particularly when managing the communication between services through APIs.

However, microservices cannot operate in isolation; they often collaborate to form larger applications.

Integration patterns have evolved from traditional hub-and-spoke enterprise application integration (EAI) to service-oriented architecture (SOA) and to an API-led approach.

As organizations build more microservices, complexity increases. Governance and security considerations for microservice interactions are often custom coded within the service logic. Development teams work with different languages and deploy to multiple environments, leading to siloed management practices.

This whitepaper will demonstrate how a service mesh can overcome governance and security challenges associated with microservices. Additionally, we will explore how combining a service mesh with an API management solution creates a comprehensive approach to governing and managing microservices while extending your application network.

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