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Recent competitors, squeezed margins, safety concerns, and continuity are among the critical obstacles facing retailers, distributors, and consumers this year.

How can Blockchain have a positive impact on ensuring safety and quality, and improve business logistics and profitability? It has high traceability and transparency and can optimize business transactions and trading relationships with robust secure business networks.

Watch this Webcast to understand the Blockchain drivers behind the food supply chain demo and listen to the ways to leverage these emerging technologies within your business.

Discussion Topics:

A step towards greater transparency
Discover the journeys, and impact behind brands and products – online and in store
Empowering small, independent food brands with digital transparency tools
Technologies we specialize in:

  • Hyper ledger Fabric
  • Hyper Ledger Composer
  • Ethereum

Learn how by leveraging the Blockchain technology, can have immediate benefits to your business and trace the journey of the products.