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Retailers are experiencing a paradigm shift from mere selling online to next generation customer experience and smarter commerce. The key to success is to optimize and improvise the shipping process and deliver a brilliant experience to your customers at every step along the way.

Sterling Store is a web-based application that provides users with a rich interface to ensure an efficient and seamless store management experience. The Sterling Store offers a unified interface to pick, pack, and ship. How your business approaches the complex world of shipping and fulfillment can be a key component to your success. Sterling store is an option with Sterling Order Management System enabling you to incorporate your stores into multichannel strategies, improve customer satisfaction through effective order fulfillment and optimizing the shipping process. In this live session we will cover following topics:

Order Capturing through Web Sphere Commerce

    How to improve the shipping process

  • Sterling OMS Live Demo
  • Integration with Web Sphere Commerce Suite
  • Features and capabilities of ‘Ship from Store’
  • Delve into possible roadblocks and their business impact
  • Increase customer service effectiveness

Get a firsthand experience of how Sterling Store can be good for business.