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Tealeaf is a leading provider in customer experience analytics software that helps organizations to gain intelligence and react more swiftly to consumer trends in today’s digitally transformed marketplace. With real-time and automated insights into online customer buying experiences across online and mobile devices, organizations can gain actionable insight that allows them to improve customer support, transform site usability, tailor marketing campaigns and increase online conversion rates.

Royal Cyber provides Customer Experience Management Services to E-Businesses by creating various ecommerce and process measurement dashboards in order to get detail insights on reasons leading to abandonments and online customer struggle.

Royal Cyber CEM services help e-commerce businesses to deliver profitable results through advanced Customer Experience Analysis, investigating customer behavior using quantitative and qualitative methods to identify root cause and reduce internal or external failures, and proactively identify improvement opportunities.

Webinar Topics & Details:

This webinar provides a brief overview of how the web works and how Tealeaf works with the web. We will review each of the following points in the listed order to get a good idea of Tealeaf, its capabilities and options, and how it can benefit your enterprise:

  • What is IBM Tealeaf and what’s there in it for E-Businesses
  • How IBM Tealeaf provides Customer Experience Management
  • Tealeaf in Action
  • Customer Listening with Tealeaf search and replay
  • Analyzing website issues Using Tealeaf Reports
  • Tealeaf Alert for Proactive Awareness
  • Tealeaf Identifying Patterns of Struggle
  • Pinpoint Struggle with Business Process Scorecards
  • Proactive Monitoring and Reactive Problem Resolution and Multi-Channel Optimization
  • Royal Cyber Services


  • Chief marketing officers (CMOs)
  • E-commerce and customer service professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Digital Marketing Consultants
Date: Timings: Duration:
Wednesday 4th March 2015 11am – 12pm CST 60 Minutes