EDI may have been invented in the year 1980, but it is still not a thing of the past. It has now become a ‘must-have’ tool for every business looking to increase their revenue.

Driven by the pandemic, we see many companies rapidly adopting EDI transactions and encountering many problems. So, we bring this live webinar to share with you our proven ways of solving common mistakes faced by companies during complex integrations.

Our webinar is aimed at helping you to seamlessly connect to more trading partners, process large volumes of EDI transactions, gain real-time visibility into the transactions and pinpoint issues with a single click.

We urge you to join this interactive webinar and walk away with valuable information about adopting EDI and avoiding common mistakes we have seen companies make.

Discussion Topics:

About Royal Cyber
Brief About Supply Chain Visibility
Significance Of B2B/EDI Integration
Explaining The Mistakes With EDI
Our Solution to Every Problem
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