ServiceNow CMDB Helps in Organizing Data & Improving its Visibility with the Help of Discovery

Maintaining information about servers, network devices, software applications, and business services on spreadsheets and databases is challenging. Handling this vast amount of unorganized data results in ambiguities and irregularities that make it difficult to use.

With the help of CMDB, we can centralize the data in one place. Accurate configuration data helps in knowing the vulnerabilities and threats the system face. CMDB also enables us to quickly plan the level of effort required to secure the environment. Even when you have a CMDB in place, you might face a lot of issues in proper implementation and governance.

Using Discovery, we can achieve automation in CMDB and integrate it, which leads to data accuracy. Our experts will demonstrate how we can organize and maintain data using CMDB Discovery.

Discussion Topics:

The Challenges that an Organization Faces in the Absence of CMDB
The Importance and 3C’s of CMDB
Automation in CMDB Through Discovery & How to Resolve the Roadblocks
How to do CMDB Implementation with Discovery (Demo)
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