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In 2014, big retailers and mega corporations were crippled by hackers attacking their Enterprise Portals. The most recent public hack being in December, has caused a wave of fear within enterprises. According to Gartner, Cyber security is now the top priority of CIO’s in 2015, with both government and enterprises looking to secure their computer networks more stringently than ever.

Royal Cyber, a leader in IBM Product Deployments, brings you a FREE webinar where you can learn the best practices about securing your IBM Portal.

Webinar Topics & Details:

The webinar will discuss the following topics:

  1. Analyze your Portal Infrastructure:
    • Identify and Record Details.
      • Firewall, Network, OS, Web, App, Portal, DB.
      • SSO, LDAP, Federated Repositories, WebSeal, Realms.
  2. Securing Communication:
    • HTTPS, SSL, TLS.
  3. Portal Security features and Access Control.
    • Portlets, Pages, Impersonation.
    • Credential Vault, Ajax Proxy.
    • Auditing, Authentication and Authorization.
  4. Vulnerability Assessments.
    • Scanning Your Servers.
    • Closing unwanted access.
    • Preventing Code Level Vulnerabilities.
  5. Recommended Actions, Considerations and Useful Links.
  6. Royal Cyber Expertise and Offerings.


  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Technical Leads
  • Architects
  • Organizations using IBM WebSphere related family tools and technologies
  • Representatives/Decision Makers
  • Learners

GotoMeeting Requirements:

  • Windows or Mac computer Or iOS or Android based device*
  • Working Internet connection
  • Browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 +. Mozilla Firefox 4.0 +, Google Chrome 5.0 +, Safari® 3.0)
  • Telephone access (optional), Speakers and Microphone
  • Download Free GoToMeeting App from the App Store / Google Play Store
Date: Timings: Duration:
Tuesday 27th January 2015 10:00 AM EST/EDT 60 Minutes