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Real-time efforts are making marketers respond globally!
Real-Time and data-driven personalization are used by 58% of marketers around the world. 80% of the remaining 42% who are not using it intend to make the switch in the next year. Only 44% of users were using websites as principle conducts for real-time personalization whereas 17% of users were active on mobile sites and 13% preferred web apps and the rest 9% on mobile applications.
This webcast discusses how metrics show the real-time revolution. Commerce businesses need to emphasize on offering personalized real-time engagement to site visitors to continually enhance the customer experience while maximizing marketing ROI and sales. Royal Cyber can help you analyze your customer data and improve your conversions using real-time customer engagement. In this webcast we discuss:
• Does the business have a mobile-friendly site?
• Are shipping and receiving understood when it comes to ROI?
• Is there a reliable order fulfillment system in place?