Create customized solutions that cater to business needs with commercetools’ Composable B2B solution, designed on MACH principles. While B2B buying processes are rapidly evolving and play a significant role in revenue generation and customer loyalty, businesses can now buy online and enjoy the benefits of personalization. Therefore, it is time to focus on:

  • Delivering remarkable and smooth end-to-end customer experiences
  • Connecting frontends and third-party applications seamlessly to implement touchpoints
  • Creating comprehensive catalogs of APIs to expand the reach

Going digital is more than just a commercial order entry channel. Instead, B2B businesses must consider it a driver of omnichannel, end-to-end customer experiences combining branches, distributors, salespeople, and contact centers seamlessly.

Discussion Topics:

Importance of the Composable B2B Solution
Showcasing Royal Cyber’s commercetools Expertise
Industry-specific Perspectives on the Solution
Features and Benefits of the Composable B2B Solution
Question & Answer Session
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