Companies are virtualizing their hosting environments using VCenter and cloud SaaS applications as it provides the added advantage of failover and automation. Most of them make use of multiple cloud service providers like Azure, AWS, IBM, etc., across different business units. But this creates the challenge that they can no longer see their cloud usage and spend in one place.

ServiceNow Cloud Insights application enables you to reduce costs by rightsizing your cloud infrastructure and saving money by not running cloud resources 24×7. ServiceNow Cloud Insights application allows the user to analyze, identify and optimize the full range of cloud assets and gives a single place to view and manage them.

Mr. Arun Nair, our ServiceNow Champion at Royal Cyber, to learn how he helped many of our clients in the ServiceNow landscape. Know what you don’t know… our champion will cover different pain points in your industry / similar cloud landscape. We will also showcase our real-time solutions to overcome common obstacles in your environment and how Royal Cyber is equipped to help manage these challenges.

Discussion Topics:

Business Needs / Challenges
What is ServiceNow Cloud Insights
Key Features and Usage
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