Does NLP & AI Capabilities Ensure Improved Search Experience?

With its ability to divide a search text into components and better understand the context and intent of the user, cognitive search has evolved to be the future of ecommerce search solutions. Apart from enabling successful interactions between users and ecommerce search engines, NLP and AI have the ability to provide intelligent insights that help businesses make critical decisions ensuring tangible outcomes.

With the rise in conversational searches, a majority of the ecommerce players are now shifting to NLP/AI-enabled search solutions. We have invited our top clients and experts in Search to discuss and debate the latest trends and best practices for Search. They will also be sharing their experiences on how Search has helped enhance their ecommerce site experience, increase business efficiency, and boost revenue.

Discussion Topics:

Importance of Search in your customer’s journey
The role of AI in enhancing Search
What best practices for Search are you using today, and what’s next?
The role of NLP and ML in enhancing customer experience
Interaction between Search and personalization
What are you doing with the data captured during Search?
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