Bridging the Transformation Gap with Universality

The rise in the adoption of microservices, hybrid/multi-cloud environments, and future digital trends is creating an unmanageable API sprawl. Application directors need a new approach to API management.

Universal API management on Anypoint Platform lets you manage and secure any API, built, and deployed anywhere. In this webinar, Royal Cyber MuleSoft experts will demonstrate how having these capabilities in one platform speeds up application delivery, facilitates modern architectures, guarantees consistent security and quality, and eventually enables vibrant API ecosystems.

Anypoint API Governance Discussion Topics:

Configure profiles to apply rulesets to specific sets of APIs
Monitor the conformance status of APIs that are validated as part of the profiles
Export reports of API conformance data in CSV format
Notify API owners to encourage them to make their APIs conformant to the profiles
Apply rulesets to your APIs at design time to see what parts of the definitions are nonconformant

Anypoint Flex Gateway Discussion Topics:

Configure Anypoint Flex Gateway in a Docker container in connected mode
Manage and govern Mule API and any non-mule API deployed onto any platform/environment, and in any location
Apply MuleSoft provided out-of-the-box policies for compliance, quality of service, security, and troubleshooting
Configure API alerts to send email notifications regarding unusual API behavior
View charts and filter data related to the metrics collected by API Manager and Anypoint Monitoring on Flex Gateway APIs.
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